Massy Properties DigiScreen was created because we saw the potential of the growing digital advertising industry. All successful businesses and event promoters realize the importance in advertising.
            Massy Properties provide the aforementioned with reasonably priced advertising that would be seen by thousands of people every day of the week. We achieve this by having a large real-estate portfolio of properties located in prime, well-trafficked areas of the island.
            Massy Properties DigiScreen Currently has six large external screens, two in Warrens at The Massy Dome Complex, two in Fontabelle opposite Kensington Oval in front of our New Kensington Mall and two on Green Hill.
            Four Screens are 9 feet wide and 5 feet tall and two 7 feet wide and 5 feet tall. All six screens are elevated 8 feet off the ground. DigiScreen also have five screens inside the Kensington Mall, three Screens inside the Thomas Daniel Building on Hincks Street, one screen in Canary Lane Mall on Hincks Street, four screens in The Dome Mall, one screen in the Musson Building on Hincks street, one screen in FlashZone Bar and nine screens in The Lucky Horseshoe restaurants.

            Recent traffic surveys reveal that 60,000 vehicles traverse the Warrens area weekly which works out to over 8,000 per day. Our large 9 foot by 5 foot external screens facing the Highway and Massy stores in Warrens are well placed to capture many of these vehicles.
            Fontabelle is a prime point for entry and exit for thousands of vehicles private and PSV passing every day. Our large 9 foot by 5 foot external screens located across the street from Kensington Oval, near the Bridgetown Port and facing the Spring Garden Highway, is extremely visible. That doesn’t even take into account pedestrians who frequent those areas constantly, nor the staff, workers and customers visiting Massy Properties malls and office buildings in their screen network daily.
            Our screens are located in: Warrens, Bagatelle, Green Hill, St. James, Hincks St., St. George Street, Fontabelle, Lower Broadstreet, Worthing and Black Rock.
            We estimate that out customer’ ads will rotate on each external screen a minimum of 96 times a day or a minimum of 35,040 times per year.
            With our existing network it only costs $750.00 plus vat per month. That works out to $30.00 per day vat inclusive! We offer an extremely cost effective way to showcase and promote your product, service, or event.
            Be SEEN with DigiScreen!